Site C Summit Interviews January 2018

Site C Summit Public Ceremony  On the lawn of the BC Legislature to kick off the Site C Summit weekend.

Canadian Independent Media Interview Sessions:

Interview Highlights: Twenty six minutes of the most important subject for the citizens of British Columbia – The mega debt, the loss of prime farmland, the dismissal of indigenous rights, and massive destruction of the planet’s biosphere, as a result of the Site C dam decision by John Horgan’s NDP government.

Chief Bob Chamberlin  As Vice President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Bob (Owadi) speaks with authority that represents the feelings and aspirations of his peoples. He was also the keynote speaker at the summit.

Heather Tufts  Heather has some inside knowledge regarding the BCUC hearings and explains the limitations of the discussion.

Andrew Nikiforuk  Andrew is a well-known author and political commentator who brings his wealth of experience to bare on the Site C project.

Mehdi Najari  “It was all theatre.” From the very beginning the NDP was promoting Site C, Mehdi says, and gives us the timeline as proof.

Heather Hatch Heather is a documentary filmmaker currently working on a film about Site C from an indigenous viewpoint.

Harold Steves  As an ex-NDP minister, Harold Steves is uniquely qualified to offer his opinion on the inner workings of the current government and the history leading up to this infamous decision to proceed with the dam.

Damien Gillis  Damien is the co-founder, publisher, and documentary filmmaker for He sets out in plain language the processes that lead to faulty decision making in government circles.

Chief Roland Willson  Chief Willson of the West Moberly First Nations describes the impact this dam has and will have on his peoples who are directly affected.

Charlie Gordon  Charlie is a post graduate working on his masters degree focusing on relationships between First Nations and environmental groups.

Bet Cecill  Bet gives her unvarnished opinion of the matters at stake here.

Richard Habgood  Representing Fair Vote Canada, Richard is passionate about proportional representation, explaining how it may or may not have affected the Site C decision, had the legislature been more democratically represented.

Natanis Christensen  How do school kids react to the teacher’s ‘Stop Site C’ button?

Seth Klein  Seth writes for Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives.

Sarah Cox  Sarah has written a book “Breaching The Peace” to be published this May.

Geoff Olson  Geoff writes for Common Ground Magazine.

Robert McCullough  Mr. McCullough has experience on energy issues on both sides of the border. He offers a refreshing analysis of BC’s energy requirements.

Bill Horne  Bill explains his reasons for driving 10 hours from his home to attend this summit.

Connie Greyeyes  As a resident of the territory of Treaty 8, Connie discloses her personal reasons for supporting First Nations’ claims to honour this 150 year old treaty.

Emma Gilchrist is one of the best local news outlets for investigative, independent journalism. Emma is one of the founders.

Steve Gray  As one of the organizers of the Site C Summit, Steve gives us a behind-the-scenes snapshot before, during, and after the summit.
He points out several flaws in the government’s reasoning for not cancelling Site C.




Mega BC Debt, Contaminated Organics, RCMP plot supported by government

Topics for December 3rd 2017:

Site C Dam is a mega-disaster for BC.

Organic produce from California is contaminated by fracking wastewater.

Muslims are the new (old) enemy, according to our government and RCMP.

Canadian Destroyers, Divide And Conquer, Remembering The Past

This week’s topics are:

Our Canadian rulers are totally out of control.
Political awareness is a commodity in short supply.
Remembrance Day – and what there is to remember.

The Deep State, Housing Crisis, Round-Up Revisited

This week’s topics are:

How the banks manipulated the housing crisis in Canada.
Glyphosate (Round-Up) poisoning is worse than we thought.
The Deep State’s tenacles have rewritten history – and not for the better –      from JFK to 9/11.

Vol 1, No. 16 – More Fracking, Less Democracy, Real News

This week’s topics are:

Activists on the front lines.
Real News from the sidelines.
Fracking is on fire, water is poisoned.
Democracy is really rule by the Corporations, not the people.


RCMP Terror Plots, Breast Cancer Causes, Rampaging Mother Nature

October 15 topics are:

Government, Police and Corporations create divisions among the public.

The dark side of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Contaminated Food from California – update.

California Fires, floods and hurricanes – Is Mother Nature striking back?