Mega BC Debt, Contaminated Organics, RCMP plot supported by government

Topics for December 3rd 2017:

Site C Dam is a mega-disaster for BC.

Organic produce from California is contaminated by fracking wastewater.

Muslims are the new (old) enemy, according to our government and RCMP.

Canadian Destroyers, Divide And Conquer, Remembering The Past

This week’s topics are:

Our Canadian rulers are totally out of control.
Political awareness is a commodity in short supply.
Remembrance Day – and what there is to remember.

The Deep State, Housing Crisis, Round-Up Revisited

This week’s topics are:

How the banks manipulated the housing crisis in Canada.
Glyphosate (Round-Up) poisoning is worse than we thought.
The Deep State’s tenacles have rewritten history – and not for the better –      from JFK to 9/11.

Vol 1, No. 16 – More Fracking, Less Democracy, Real News

This week’s topics are:

Activists on the front lines.
Real News from the sidelines.
Fracking is on fire, water is poisoned.
Democracy is really rule by the Corporations, not the people.


RCMP Terror Plots, Breast Cancer Causes, Rampaging Mother Nature

October 15 topics are:

Government, Police and Corporations create divisions among the public.

The dark side of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Contaminated Food from California – update.

California Fires, floods and hurricanes – Is Mother Nature striking back?

Vol 1, No. 11

This week’s topics are:

California is using fracking wastewater to irrigate food crops – including organics – and that food is coming into Canada.

Hydroelectric power is creating big greenhouse gas problems.

Corporate Canada has wrecked our public health care system in order to privatize it.

Hurricanes, Fires, Droughts; is Mother Nature telling us something?

Vol 1, No. 10

This week’s topics are:

9/11 Revisited
Were the towers brought down by airplanes, or was this an example of controlled demolition. If it was the latter, what does that mean for the ongoing war on ‘terror’ and restriction of basic human rights?

Are vaccines really safe?
Merck, the makers of the MMR vaccine are being sued by its own scientists for falsifying data relating to the safety of the vaccine. Yet we are constantly being told that to deny the safety of vaccines is somehow ‘unscientific’.

Corporations have taken over our government. They control the media, and they run our country. What can we do about it?

Site C dam questioned by over 200 scholars.
Site C environmental damage is greater than for any Canadian project ever assessed, scholars contend in a letter to the government, as well as denying the legal obligations to First Nations.