Mega BC Debt, Contaminated Organics, RCMP plot supported by government

Topics for December 3rd 2017:

Site C Dam is a mega-disaster for BC.

Organic produce from California is contaminated by fracking wastewater.

Muslims are the new (old) enemy, according to our government and RCMP.

Vol 1, No. 16 – More Fracking, Less Democracy, Real News

This week’s topics are:

Activists on the front lines.
Real News from the sidelines.
Fracking is on fire, water is poisoned.
Democracy is really rule by the Corporations, not the people.


Vol 1, No. 8

This week’s topics are:

GMOs and the media
Retired Ag Canada scientist, a previous spokesman for GMO foods, now considers them unsafe for consumption, but Canada’s government continues to be controlled by biased information – now approving potatoes as well as salmon just recently for GM manipulation.

North Korea
Nearly destroyed during the Korean War, North Korea views American as a threat and sees nuclear capability as the only way to counter this ongoing agression. Maybe it is time to step back if both sides want to avoid war again.

BC Debt
Our debt has ballooned under Liberal leadership and is now is four times as big as when the liberals took office. Should we be blaming the NDP for this?

Softwood Lumber
Who is right? The Canadians or the Americans? In the meantime our first growth forests are being decimated solely for profit.