Vol 1, No. 9

This week’s topics are:

NAFTA and Chapter 11
Canada wants to keep Chapter 11 in the North American Free Trade deal whereby special NAFTA tribunals – not federal courts – determine sanctions, if any. Since this affects mostly Canadian environmental laws that foreign corporations can strike down, citizens are crying foul – but is our government listening?

The Opioid Crisis is big news this year. Thousands are dying, but who is responsible? Many say it is because of the pharmaceutical industries lack of oversight. In fact several of these companies are being sued over this issue because it is claimed they knew this drug was highly addictive and dangerous, but sadly, also very profitable.

Houston is flooding, wildfires are consuming the western hemisphere from California to British Columbia, and there is no end in sight from the ravages of Mother Nature upon our civilization, one that is based in oil, autos, and greed. Jack argues we need a new paradigm before we destroy what is left.

Why is Haiti the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere? Could it be that this nation has been impoverished by wealthier nations through the World Bank and the IMF? We take a look.