Vol 1, No. 1


This first edition of alternative news for Canadians focuses on topics we consider important to know and rarely covered by the popular press.

Topics are:

Cannabis in Canada
Is the US funding ISIS?
GMO Salmon
Alberta Tar Sands Cleanup
Monsanto’s Roundup

3 thoughts on “Vol 1, No. 1”

  1. I don’t know why my comment to you was restricted to only a few words. As I mentioned the same thing happened to me on Youtube. And I don’t see the point of totally repeating myself. Let me just say that I strongly disagree with your commentator’s analysis of the reason for the housing crisis in Canada.

    1. Hi Jim,
      If you can compose your message in a text editor and then copy and paste it in our comments box, we would be interested to hear your views on the housing crisis in Canada.

    2. JIM ERVIN — Please attempt to write your comment again because the subject is of great importance and we need as many suggestions as we can. I am not having any limitations in writing my comment here, so it’s of concern why you are having any problems in writing yours.

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